How to Combine Reference Images to Create AI Art on Midjourney?

combine reference images in midjourney

Now is your chance if you’ve ever wanted to create a masterpiece using Artificial Intelligence. With Midjourney’s AI Art platform, you can transform any image into a unique work of art by combining reference images. This guide will help you unlock the magic of AI art and show you how to combine reference images to create something entirely new.

Step 1 – Select Your Image and Reference Images

The initial step is to choose a picture you need to transform into AI art. Once you have chosen your vision, it’s time to find reference images combined with your chosen picture. You can use Midjourney’s reference image library or upload your references if desired. When selecting a reference image, ensure it adds contrast and texture to the original photo without making it too busy or overwhelming.

Step 2 – Choose Your Style

Once you have selected all your images, it’s time to choose the style for your AI art. Midjourney offers several types ranging from abstract to classic oil painting styles and everything in between. Make certain to try different things with various blends until you find one that accommodates your vision impeccably!

Step 3 – Generate Your AI Art

When you are happy with your selection of images and styles, click “Generate” to create your masterpiece! The process may take a few minutes as the algorithm combines all elements into one beautiful piece of artwork. Once finished, save the painting for future use or share it with friends!


Creating AI art on Midjourney is an easy way to add creativity and flair to photos and other images. Combining reference images allows for endless possibilities when creating AI art, so don’t hesitate to get creative! If this guide has inspired you to try making some AI art yourself, head over to Midjourney’s website now and start unlocking the magic of AI art today!

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